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“Moments become memories with a sprinkle of love”

All About Love is India’s first Luxurious Marriage Proposals and Date Planning service. 

We, like the modern-era cupids, swoop right into your love story, only to give you the most heartwarming proposals and aww-some dates that you will cherish forever.

Wait… that’s not all!

Not just the romantic kinds, we help celebrate love in all forms! With our expertise in creating unforgettable moments by adding a bit of pixie dust in them, we’re committed to helping you create memories that celebrate the relationships you cherish.


“In the midst of Facebook show-offs, Instagram updates and Snapchat madness, we’ve all somehow forgotten how to live in the moment and appreciate the treasure sitting beside us. Even though we’re all die-hard romantics and dream to live those aww-some lovey dovey scenes straight out of Karan Johar’s movies, but our current routines and go-getter lifestyles don’t allow us the time to make it happen.

This thought paved the way towards All About Love.

I’ll go that extra mile to help you live in the moment with your special someone and create magical moments that will leave an everlasting impression on your heart. And I’m sure whenever you will look back at these cherished moments, you will be glad you chose All About Love.”

All there’s to love about Varnika&her four-legged love, Oreo

A die-hard Bollywood fan, she prances around the world with her rose-tinted glasses on. While she’s hunting for her Raj, she claims SRK will always be her first love.
This goofball is the most energetic furry friend one can have. He’s always buzzing with excitement & hunger, of course.
A proud fries and only fries kinda girl, she loves pigging out on potatoes. So much so, that her friend gifted her 10kgs of potatoes on her birthday!
Just like Varnika, he cherishes Potatoes like it’s all he ever wanted to hog on. So much so that each time he feasts on potatoes, it seems like he’s been hungry for days.
Has acquired her bachelor's degree from three continents. #Travelgoals much?
Post his meal time, he loves to go on Scooty rides just to feel the wind in his fur. Filmy pooch, we tell you!
Holds her stationery dear, and careens in her own sanctuary of work with her hot chocolate sprinkled with three marshmallows.
Varnika believes he understands Spanish that goes beyond a mere “Hola”.
Surprise your loved one. Let them know you value the time you spend together.

Dear Varnika,

I’d like to plan something special for my someone special.

Let’s get started!

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